The Czech Cookie Box

Learn How to Bake Traditional Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies, So You Can Treat Yo Self or Your Family...

...[Without Being a Pastry Chef or Czech Grandma.]


Gifting a tin of whimsical cookies is one of the best ways to show love AND show off your baking skills.

I'm excited to spill my family's baking secrets and teach you how!

“Um… What's a Czech cookie, again?"

And how is she different from her American chocolate-chip cousin?”



Czech cookies are teeny-weeny one-bite morsels. You can keep STUFFING YOUR FACE with many kinds, sampling different flavors, textures, and ingredients (kinda like sushi vs. an entire lobster).


Forming a SMALLER SIZE/SHAPE means you'll end up with MORE COOKIES. Arrange in a box and give them to your ex, cousin, or mother-in-law!


They stay FRESH FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS (the secret is the dough). Make them ahead, and then put your feet up.


Inside THE CZECH COOKIE BOX online program, you'll:

LEARN MY FOOLPROOF BAKING METHOD—applicable to all baking, not just cookies—that takes the guesswork out of tools, techniques, and ingredients.

MASTER 7 CZECH COOKIE RECIPES (and 2 glaze recipes) adapted and rigorously tested for the American home baker.

BECOME A CONFIDENT BAKER, ready to impress with a new cookie repertoire. 

MEET FELLOW BAKERS IN OUR PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY, get support and your questions answered, and share your cookies. 

“I am a Czech girl living in North Carolina for about 20 years now. When I saw Michal's linzer cookies on Instagram, I knew I had to try them. I have never looked back and will never use another recipe (not even my grandmother's) again. They are easy to make and soooo delicious to eat. They are now a big part of my Czech Christmas here in America. It feels like I'm back home every time I taste them.”

~ MIRKA KOLARIKOVA PSAK, photographer (Mirka Photography)


  • 10 Modules with step-by-step recipe videos detailing ingredients, tools, and baking techniques
  • US & Metric measurements for extra precision
  • 24/7 Instant & Lifetime access including all future updates
  • Private online community of bakers to cheer you and support you along the way

MODULE 1 - Czech Cookies 101

  • Learn my foolproof, reliable BAKING METHOD to always get successful, stress-free results in your kitchen (video)
  • Master 4 essential PREP TECHNIQUES to know before you dive into baking (video)
  • Your BAKING TOOLKIT—equipment guide with tips and recs (video)
  • Get organized: Your cookie baking PLANNER & WORKSHEET (video & PDF download)

MODULE 2 - Rum Balls Recipe

  • Chocolate truffles with rum, coated in sugar. Boozy and addictive. The only cookie that's not baked.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 3 - Coconut Kisses Recipe

  • Little white meringues stuffed with coconut and topped with jam or pistachio.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 4 - S-Shape Cookies Recipe

  • Buttery morsels flavored with orange essence and half-dipped in chocolate glaze (optional, but good!).
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 5 - Linzer Cookies Recipe

  • The most requested cookie in my family. Tender, buttery, with a hint of lemon zest. Filled with jam or topped with chocolate or lemon glaze.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 6 - Vanilla Crescents Recipe

  • Delicate half-moons made from ground hazelnuts and scented with vanilla. A Czech classic.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 7 - Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

  • Chewy, jam-filled, chocolate-glazed. Eat right away—no need to ripen like most gingerbreads.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 8 - Walnut Cookies Recipe

  • Ground walnuts and cacao meet in a shell-shaped cookie drenched in powdered sugar.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 9 - Chocolate Glaze Recipe

  • Made from scratch with butter, cacao, sugar and milk. No light corn syrup necessary. Sets and dries completely. Always reliable and good on other baked goods.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

MODULE 10 - Lemon Glaze Recipe

  • Easy, sweet-sour, glossy coating to elevate any cookie.
  • Step-by-step instructions (video)
  • Ingredients & equipment tips (video)
  • Detailed recipe card (PDF download)

“For years, I've been a huge fan of Michal's recipes. They're easy to follow, fun to make, and crowd pleasers. Also, I love that he uses natural ingredients. That's why I recommend Michal's recipes to my clients who want to unlock their happy weight without dieting—and those recipes include cookies. Moderation curbs cravings.”

KELLY CLARK, Disordered Eating Expert (




value = $67

  • All cookie recipes and notes compiled into a handy 20-page cookbook (PDF download)



value = priceless

  • Join our community, meet fellow bakers, get support and all your questions answered, and share your cookies.



value = $27

  • So you can decide, create a plan, and shop for ingredients (PDF download)



value = $ 27

  • No more confusion about cups and milliliters, ounces and grams, Fahrenheit and Celsius (PDF download)

Still On the Fence?


“I can barely boil water. Can I do this?”

  • YES! For this program, I picked recipes for every skill set, from the kitchen-challenged to the seasoned pro. Want to make just one or two kinds of cookies? Do that and you'll still get a pretty and delicious cookie, to serve or put in a gift box.

“Can I make these cookies with American ingredients in my American kitchen?”

  • YOU BET. I’ve tested the recipes about 27 times and perfected them for the US home baker. I give both volume (cups & spoons) and metric (grams & milliliters) measurements to be as precise as I can. And if you have access to staples like flour, butter, eggs, and sugar, you're good to go.

“All I have is 45 minutes max. Is this for me?”

  • HONESTLY—NO. The Czech cookies in this program are not quick things dropped from a spoon and finished in half an hour. Some require particular steps, overnight dough rest, artistic cookie-cutting skills, or jam spreading and chocolate glazing. The upside? A flavor-packed, beautiful, jewelry-like collection of cookies. Hear the applause? That's for you!

“How authentically Czech are these cookies?”

  • THEY'RE CLASSIC, old-fashioned, and definitely recognizable. At the same time, they're special to the Martínek fam, handed down from my grandma Květa to my mom Blanka, and then to me. We all added personal touches along the way and made them unique. That said, if you want to use guava jam instead of the typical raspberry, you do you!

“Can I make and eat these cookies year-round?”

  • MANY OF THESE COOKIES are traditionally made for Christmas in the Czech Republic, but considering how cute and delicious they are, it's a shame to give them just a short window. I make linzer cookies for Easter, but I use a bunny cookie cutter and pink glaze. And I love gingerbread cookies equally in June and November (don't tell the Czech Holiday Cookie Police).

“Can't I find all this on YouTube or Google, for zero dollars?”

  • I GUESS? There are tons of cookie recipes floating out in the wild, but this fun program is a one-stop shop that takes the mystery out of Czech cookie baking. It's no time-suck, either, and delivered in one package. Also, I'll hold your hand along the way, answering any qs you might have. Plus, you get to join a an online community of fellow bakers.

“How long is it gonna take me to finish this thing in one sitting?”

  • 90 MINUTES. Bring a latte, pen and notebook. Watch and learn through videos, slides, worksheets and planners. And then bake some cookies!

“Do I need to buy any special equipment?”

  • YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE IT—basics such as baking sheets, parchment paper, mixing bowls, measuring cups, cookie cutters, or a rolling pin. I swear by my digital scale ($20) for precise and consistent results, but that's optional. One recipe requires a piping bag and a decorating tip ($8); another one requires a baking mold ($13).

“I'm in. What happens after I buy the program?”

  • YOU'LL GET A CONFIRMATION email with login details, giving you immediate access to the whole program and all bonuses, available to consume when you're ready. You'll have lifetime access, including any future updates, at no extra cost (you'll be grandfathered—or grandmothered).

“I still have questions. Can I talk to you?”

  • YES. Send an email to

Hi, I'm Michal.

When I was 8, I hopped into my grandma's kitchen, picked up a saucepan, and made a vanilla pudding from scratch.

I burnt it, cried and then had to throw it out, but I never looked back.

I'm the founder of Very Good Cook, a food blog where I help home cooks make tasty vegetarian food using easy-to-get ingredients and stress-free steps.

I grew up in the Czech Republic and now I live in Los Angeles, where I love mixing up my favorite childhood recipes (hello, koláče) with everyday California dishes (hi, green smoothie).


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